Firearm Accessories

A Massive Selection of Firearm Accessories

Any firearm enthusiast knows that the gun is just the beginning. Tactical Gunsmithing LLC is here to supply you with the firearm accessories you need to support your avocation.


We offer a vast selection of firearm accessories, including:

  • Sight in rifle

  • Scope mounting

  • Sling swivel stud installation

  • Barrel threading for muzzle device

  • Recoil pad or plate installation

  • Glass bedding barrels and/or action

  • Pillar bed

  • Fit and chamber barrel

  • Cut and crown barrel

  • Optic/sight installation

  • Sight in handgun

  • Polish barrel

  • Polish feed ramp

  • Fit barrel on 1911 auto

  • Action job on revolvers

  • Re-barrel revolver

  • Chamber barrel and cylinders

  • Forcing cone modifications

  • Smooth and lighten the trigger

  • Mill slide for optic

  • Backpacks and Range Bags

  • Bipods and Tripods

  • Blinds and Tree Stands

  • Footwear

  • Magazine Pouches

  • Muzzle Devices

  • Trail Cameras

  • Barrels and Choke Tubes

  • Cleaning Equipment

  • Game Calls

  • After-Market Grips, Pads, and Stocks

  • Reloading Equipment

  • Gun Safes and Security

  • Holsters

  • Hard Cases

  • Soft Cases

  • Gun Racks

  • Apparel

  • Conversion Kits

  • Scent Cover

  • Safety and Protective Gear


Tactical Gunsmithing LLC also offers knives, crossbows, air guns, slingshots, stun guns, and non-lethal self-defense products, including pepper sprays and tasers.


We work with all major suppliers. If we don’t have it in stock, we can get it. Our low overhead as a local family shop allows us to offer the best most competitive prices.