Firearm Customization

Expert Firearm Customization

Want to trick out your gun and make it really “yours?” Tactical Firearms LLC is the place to go. We are the leader in Pine, AZ when it comes to firearm customization, factory-trained in both DuraCoat® and Cerakote and an authorized dealer of both firearm customization products.


DuraCoat® is the most popular firearm customization product on earth. It is a corrosion-resistant liquid finish that can be applied to any type of wood, metal, or plastic. DuraCoat® is available in over 300 colors, including specialty collections like Heavy Metal, Girl Guide, Electric, Bloomberg, ZombieCoat, and DuraLaser.


Cerakote is a thin-film ceramic-polymer coating available in over 100 colors. Once applied to your gun and oven-cured, it is the most durable firearm customization product on the market.


Tactical Firearms LLC is also qualified to do frame stippling and add night sights to your gun.