Gunsmith in Arizona

Tactical Gunsmithing LLC is not just an FFL authorized dealer, but also a world-class gunsmith. We are committed to providing Pine, Arizona with the best gunsmithing services on the market.


We offer the following affordable, expert-level services to firearm owners in our community:




  • Appraisals (in writing)

  • Cleaning and detailing

  • Function test

  • Bore obstruction removal

  • Chamber fired-case removal

  • Smoothe and/or lighten the trigger


Rifle Services:


  • Sight in rifle

  • Scope mounting

  • Sling swivel stud installation

  • Barrel threading for muzzle device

  • Recoil pad or plate installation

  • Glass bedding barrels and/or action

  • Pillar bed

  • Fit and chamber barrel

  • Cut and crown barrel


Handgun Services:


  • Optic/sight installation

  • Sight in handgun

  • Polish barrel

  • Polish feed ramp

  • Fit barrel on 1911 auto

  • Action job on revolvers

  • Re-barrel revolver

  • Chamber barrel and cylinders

  • Forcing cone modifications

  • Mill slide for optic


At Tactical Gunsmithing LLC we take pride in copping no kind of “gun-guy attitude.” Gunsmithing is a labor of love. Our experts are approachable, knowledgeable, friendly, and ready to assist you.